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江淮论坛(第362期)Extended Reality in Cultural Heritage
日期:2021年11月15日 10:59  浏览量:[]

报告主题:Extended Reality in Cultural Heritage

主讲人:Lucio Tommaso De Paolis,意大利萨兰托大学


地点: 枚乘路校区翔宇楼第一会议室(Zoom线上)

邀请单位: 国际教育学院

主讲人简介:De Paolis is the Director of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory (AVR Lab) at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento and the Scientific Responsible of the “Advanced Virtual Reality for Medicine” research group at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research Applied to Medicine (DReAM) of the Hospital of Lecce, Italy. His research interest concerns the study of the design and development of applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality and Human-Computer Interaction in medicine and surgery, cultural heritage and education.

He is the founder of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Medicine srl (AVR Med srl - www.avrmed.com), a Spin-off company of the University of Salento, and the founder of XRtechnology srl (XRtech srl – www.xrtech.it), an Innovative Startup specialized in the development of applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (eXtended Reality - XR) technologies in medicine, cultural heritage, training and marketing.

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